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How does Golden Goose sneakers become a luxury myth?

How does Golden Goose Deluxe Brand win the world with a couple of expensive "distressed sneakers"? BoF interviews his CEO to explain the story behind it.

Milan, Italy - a pair did not look old shoes brazenly can be sold for 3000 yuan, or even thousands, in some people, this is crazy, especially in Nike, Adidas and other Giants and brands Valentino field pincer attack shoes, and already is one of the Red Sea, this expensive, but a small minority of shoes, how to sell out? But the Golden Goose Outlet has opened an alternative path in expensive "distressed sneakers".

"Golden Goose Outlet Online was the first evening shoes lift off the street to a luxury brand, the fashion industry has changed the perception of a single product, such as," Roberta Benaglia, her CEO said. The Brand Communications Department has strict rules, emphasizing not only writing the first two words, because "Deluxe Brand" of crucial importance - it is the essence of its success.

For the love of Golden Goose Sneakers Outlet Online of consumers, its "small distressed sneakers" in no way only a high-priced version of "Converse", but each pair is unique, handmade luxury products. Deliberately doing the old shoes are taking a high-end soft Italian leather, giving consistency and comfort through the traditional process, and then through handwashing, waxing and coloring bring deliberate retro effect, and had a large tub "small Le White shoes are very different, but there is a nice feeling that is not cut. "Dirty very nice, must have a sense of rupture," a fan wrote in sneakers Tiger hit forum: "Put feel like rock star rich and fresh ".

And Sara Rutson vice president of global sourcing former Net-a-Porter said Yahoo Style: "This particular Golden Goose Sneakers Outlet from a public white shoes are distinguished by the unique retro effect each pair are hand-wash and play. get modest dress and feel the wear and tear over the last two quarters, we've seen too many new flaming white double shoes, and this new way to show off the new style, looks like your favorite A pair of old shoes, no way to wear them, this makes everything more precious and precious, of course.